SIW 2023


Social Innovation Weekend is an intensive three-day experience for students, business professionals, and community members to work side-by-side using entrepreneurial design thinking skills to create innovative solutions for pressing social issues. Participants get a 48-hour crash course on SIW’s topic of focus (this year on Mental Health and Resilience).  They learn how to design and pitch a start-up business while collaborating with a team of individuals from all different backgrounds and areas of study. If you’re up for the challenge, click the signup link below or check out the FAQ! 

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"It’s cool to care. It’s cool to launch a business in 48 hours. It’s cool to be offered a job by corporate mentors who just listen to your ideas and realize you’re a rockstar. Social Innovation Weekend is cool. "
Beatrice Newberry
Business Management MBA Student | Participant in SIW 2019
"Social Innovation Weekend was an interesting environment that was committed to the success of each team, thanks to the great mentors and student leads. Being able to work with students from different majors to tackle a collective and socially responsible goal was refreshing and eye opening."
Matthew Enslin
Accounting Undergraduate Student | Finalist in SIW 2020


The event will take place Friday evening, March 4 through Sunday morning March 6th. You will be expected to participate throughout the entire weekend and are not encouraged to participate if you have a prior commitment that weekend.

SIW counts for either 1 credit hour of Entrepreneurship credit (ESP 102: Entrepreneurial Immersion) or 1 credit hour of Global Health Studies credit (GHS 301: Seminar in Global Health).

In order to ensure that students get to collaborate with team members from different majors and expertises than them, they will be sorted at random into teams based on major. You will learn who is on your team on the day of the event where all teams will be able to get a running start right as the event launches!

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