Students: Here’s how to sign up for SIW 2021

Step One: Complete Registration Form

1. ON or BEFORE February 26, Complete this google form.

Web address:

  • This form will be kept confidential and will be used to organize you into your student teams for the weekend.¬†


Step Two: Register for Course Credit


1. ON or BEFORE February 26, Go to Miami University’s Course List. 

Web address:


2. Log into the registration system in the upper right-hand corner of the Miami University course list. 

3. Go to the class option you desire. 

      • Term: Spring Semester 2021
      • Campus: Oxford
      • Subject: Entrepreneurship ‚Äď ESP


                                                   Global Health Studies РGHS

                                         For ESP: 102

                                         For GHS: 301

      • Hit the blue FIND button

4. Find the appropriate Social Innovation Weekend Class for you (Select ONE) 

  • ESP 102 Entrepreneurial Immersion CRN: 89211¬†
  • GHS 301 Seminar in Global Health CRN: 89315

5. To ROR for the Social Innovation Weekend class you desire,                                                                 click Submit Registration Override Request.

6. Provide the reason for the request (type): Social Innovation Weekend Participant. 

7. Select Submit.

    • You will receive a confirmation email that the request was received.

Once approved, you will receive an approval email that you have been successfully registered for the course associated with Social Innovation Weekend.  

If you do not see the Submit Registration Override Request option for a participating course, please call One Stop at 513-529-0001 for assistance.



The final date to request registration via the ROR system is Friday, February 26th at 12pm. Any requests made after this time will be denied.

ROR approvals will be made by Dr. Friedman and Dr. Hay Rollins on or before Saturday, February 27th. 

You can drop without a grade–2/27/2021, If enrolled in ESP 102 you will have the surcharge refunded if you drop before–12 p.m. on 2/27/2021, you can drop with a “W” grade–3/4/2021

Any drop requests should be sent by email to Dr. Conger (


*a $110 FSB surcharge will be assessed for ESP course credit. Questions about financial aid can be directed to: