Students: Here’s how to sign up for SIW 2022

Register for Course Credit


1. ON or BEFORE February 26, Go to Miami University’s Course List

Web address:


2. Log into the registration system in the upper right-hand corner of the Miami University course list. 

3. Go to the class option you desire. 

      • Term: Spring Semester 2021
      • Campus: Oxford
      • Subject: Entrepreneurship – ESP


                                                   Global Health Studies – GHS

                                         For ESP: 102

                                         For GHS: 301

      • Hit the blue FIND button

4. Find the appropriate Social Innovation Weekend Class for you (Select ONE) 

  • ESP 102 Entrepreneurial Immersion 
  • GHS 301 Seminar in Global Health 



You can drop without a grade–2/27/2021, If enrolled in ESP 102 you will have the surcharge refunded if you drop before–12 p.m. on 2/27/2021, you can drop with a “W” grade–3/4/2021

Any drop requests should be sent by email to Dr. Conger (


*a $110 FSB surcharge will be assessed for ESP course credit. Questions about financial aid can be directed to: